The "Order Forms" are interactive documents, they will not function properly if the "Active scripting / JavaScripting" function is "Disabled / Turned off" in your browser.
If all appears to work well but you have a problem submitting an order please see ..more..below.

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You can either "Tab" to or "Click on" a product selection #[  ] box. This is where you will "type" the quantity (number) you want to order. The extended price $[    ] box to it's right will automatically display the cost of your selection, after you enter (type) a number and then leave the #[  ] box, either by "Mousing" to another location or by "Tabbing" out. Repeat this process until you have made all your selections.
To make changes to previous selections, click on it and it will be "highlighted". To delete it just press your "Delete key". To change the quantity just "type" the new number.
Note that if "Tabbing", you will "jump over" the extended price boxes. If you "Click" on the box you will "jump to" the next product. In other words, this field will not let you input and/or change anything in it, as it is "program" generated!


Just below the last product listings on the page are the "billing/shipping" options.
When finished with product selections, you must choose (click) the appropriate option. The "Ship address is same as the Billing address" is selected by default.


Just below the "billing/shipping" options is the "Ship Destination Zip Code" entry field.
You must enter (type) the "Destination Zip Code" and then press the "Tab" key. When you do this, the remaining boxes in the "totals" field will display the rest of the cost data that is related to the product destination (shipping, tax, etc.).
This Zip Code will be "automatically" entered in the appropriate fields based on your "SHIPPING OPTIONS" choice.


Just below the "Zip Code" entry field is a "totals field" of boxes that display the total number of items, their total cost and the total shipping weight. This is "updated" automatically as you make/change your product selections and/or destination zip code.


If the order is for yourself, you only complete the "first Block" of information. If the order is to ship to someone else or to yourself at an "alternate" address, you must also complete the "second Block" of information.
Be sure to "press" the check button(s) to validate your entries after entering all information.
Any information submitted is used ONLY for order fulfillment. It is NEVER used for any other purpose nor shared, sold or given to a third party. You may view our PRIVACY of information policy by clicking on the respective link from the home page.


If/When you are ready to order, you must Click the "SEND ORDER" button, if everything is "OK" you will be sent an "Order Received" message from our Secure Server.
Please Note: If your ISP E-mail client and/or our Server is very busy it may take a few seconds to process the order. You should see the "progress indicator" in the "information bar" at the bottom of your browser window (if you don't have it "hidden" and/or "turned off").
For any special requirements just E-mail WebMaster. We also would appreciate any suggestions you have.

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