Whirligigs _ORDER FORM_ Replacement Parts
These parts/components are for use with whirligigs made by Serenity Gardens only!

Small 4-blade (red tips) $6.50 # $ Large 4-blade (blue tips) $6.50 # $
Airplane 2-blade (black tips) $4.50 # $        
All except those listed below (16 gauge steel - 2 pack) $2.00 # $
Blacksmith, Golfers & Tennis only (20 gauge steel - 2 pack) $2.00 # $
Two handle saw (Two Men Sawing only) $8.50 # $
Drive Crank (Specify which Whirligig(s) in "Message" box below!) $9.00 # $
Pre-Drilled Short Mounting Post (2" x 2" x 18" long) $3.95 # $

The above post is for mounting whirligig to deck/porch railing, fence, in-ground post, etc.! Includes mounting screws.

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