This site is optimized for viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher at a monitor resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. You can get to any page on this site from the Site Map file.

About Browsers:

There are many different browsers being used to access and "browse" the Internet. Currently, the top 5, in order of popularity; are Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome & Opera. This site is designed to work equally well with any of these browsers, plus several others.

The evolution of the Internet has been "driven" by the intrinsic capabilities of the many different browsers. Most notably is their ability to allow interactivity with the user as opposed to just viewing Web pages.
Unfortunately, the software developers (inventors) of these browsers don't always agree on the way a same and/or similar function or feature should be accomplished. Hence we end up with different (software code) ways of doing the same thing. This accounts for most of the frustrating "error messages" or plain old "malfunction/wont work" that users encounter while "surfing".

This situation presents a daunting task for a Web site developer. If interactivity is necessary, such as an Order Form that must "keep up" (i.e.. tabulate totals, calculate ship weights/costs, determine delivery point zones, allow information input/recording, etc.) with what the user is doing, multiple Web pages must be developed.
Each page is "tailored" to accommodate a different browser and/or different versions of the same browser. Then each visitor to the site must be "interrogated" using HTML/Script code to determine the proper "routing" of a page request.

This would "theoretically" be fine except for the "subtle" differences that exist between browsers/versions that are not well documented (if at all) by their developers.
Bottom line is, we at Serenity Gardens do our best to stay abreast of these differences and changes that are made by the many developers (Microsoft, Netscape/Firefox, Apple etc.) and build/update our site accordingly.
It is a tremendous help if you, as a user, report any malfunction to us via Email. Otherwise we don't know there is a problem.

Secure Online Ordering:

We are a SECURED site and all transaction data is ENCRYPTED for transmission. All proprietary information is used only by us for order processing. It is NEVER provided to third parties.
To be granted Secured Site status, the site owner (Serenity Gardens) must be investigated by an Internationally recognized organization that certifies that the owner is who they claim to be and any confidential information handling will be safeguarded and used only for the purpose stated in it's acquisition. A unique encryption "key" is issued that allows only the bearer (Serenity Gardens) to "decipher" the transmitted information/data and reconstruct it at the receiving end.
By default, your browser will present a "dialog" (closed padlock etc.) informing you that you are about to enter a secure connection. You must click on Yes to continue. A similar "dialog" is presented for an insecure connection requested and should be responded to with a No as this takes a normal, unencrypted, email route.

The method described above is the same method utilized by financial institutions in their inter bank transactions. Recent studies have shown that this method provides "much" safer transmission and protection of personal/financial data than the traditional method of voice (telephone), personal check (bank handling/postal service), or even face to face credit card use!

Accessing/Using Order Forms:

Each of the "Product Description" pages/listings have an access "link" that will take you to the Order Form that is specific for that product line, each is different.
You may also access them from here, by choosing the appropriate orders link below.
The browser you are using must have it's ActiveX and/or Scripting attributes turned on, if they have them (most do and most will be turned on by default).
These "switches" are found in your browser "Options", "Preferences", or "Properties/Security" dialogs depending on your browser type.
The forms are highly interactive, both visibly and behind the scene. As you select items they are recorded. At the same time the extended cost(s) are calculated (multiple same item) and displayed. Also a "running" total of items and cost are calculated and displayed.
When you are through selecting and enter a destination ZIP/Postal code, tax is calculated (if any) on product cost, and displayed. Then the shipping cost is calculated and displayed. The final step "adds" all of the above elements and displays Order total.
It is suggested that you review the product listing first, and then make your selections when you have decided what items you want to order.
It should be noted here that some older versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser can act erratically with this type of interactivity and to "start over" requires you to click on the "Refresh" button located at the top of the browser window/screen.
Also some older versions of the "MAC/Apple machines can't cope with it.
A HELP link is available from the individual Order Form pages to assist you in product selection and ordering.

About Shipping:

Orders delivered within the "Lower 48 U.S. States" are shipped via FedEx Ground or FedEx SmartPostŪ using ground transportation.
This mode is the most economical and includes insurance and package tracking as well as Saturday delivery as part of the base fee. The transit time will vary from 1 to 7 days depending on destination zip code and/or ship weight.
Orders delivered to Alaska & Hawaii are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service). Parcels weighing less than 16# go via Priority Mail and parcels weighing over 16# go via Parcel Post. Insurance and package tracking charge is included as part of the base fee.
These modes of shipping provide the best economy. Priority Mail averages 3-4 days while Parcel Post is 3+ days in transit.
Actual shipping cost is calculated, using an imbedded FedEx and/or USPS data base.
The Order Form script coding calculates the weight and bulk of the items you select. When you are finished, this data, along with the "ship to" ZIP/Postal code you entered, is fed to the costing script code. The # of boxes and the shipping cost is returned/displayed.
You never pay any additional "handling" charges.
We do request a telephone # at the ship location. This # is provided to the shipper (FedEx) in the event there are any delivery problems encountered.
In the unlikely event damage is incurred during shipment, the contents and packaging must be retained for inspection. You must then email or phone us, giving a description of the damage. We at that point will file a claim and reship the damaged item(s).

Should you encounter any unforeseen problems/difficulties or if you have any suggestions for improvement, or any comments at all please let us hear from you via Email