SPREADS: Jelly · Jam · Preserves · Fruit Butters · Mustards
TOPPINGS: Fruit Syrups · Fruit Sauces
CONDIMENTS: Mustards · Herb Vinegar

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This is our Favors, You-Configure Gift Basket & Samples product in 4 & 5 ounce sizes.
There are 25 selections.
JELLY NAME size price description
Blackberry Jelly 4 oz $2.59 Rich character and no seeds!
Muscadine Jelly 4 oz $2.59 The South's own grape!
Mayhaw Jelly 4 oz $3.29 Trad.Southern hawthorn berry tartness
Hot Pepper Jelly 4 oz $2.59 Mildly hot, great with cream cheese!
JAM NAME size price description
Blackberry Jam 4 oz $2.59 Rich character and has seeds
Red Raspberry Jam 4 oz $2.59 Made with dessert berries. Doesn't need lots of sugar
Blueberry Jam 4 oz $2.59 From our own 'homegrown' high bush berries
PRESERVES NAME size price description
Strawberry Preserves 4 oz $2.59 Whole rich red berries in soft jelly
Peach Preserves 4 oz $2.59 Tree ripened GA peaches sliced & blended w/orange
Fig Preserves 4 oz $2.59 Bite size figs capture summer flavor. Chef's Favorite
SAUCE NAME size price description
Red Raspberry Sauce 4 oz $2.49 Same great dessert berries but pourable
Strawberry Sauce 4 oz $2.49 Adds new meaning to French toast
Peach Sauce 4 oz $2.49 Just as good with chicken fingers as pancakes
SYRUP NAME size price description
Blackberry Syrup 4 oz $2.49 With a hint of fresh lemon. No seeds or skins
Blueberry Syrup 4 oz $2.49 With a bit of orange
BUTTERS NAME size price description
Apple Butter 4 oz $2.49 Deep caramel color & flavor cooked in/not faked
Peach Butter 4 oz $2.49 Luscious ripe peach flavor shines thru
Pumpkin Butter 4 oz $2.49 Like pumpkin pie for breakfast!
Apple Lite 4 oz $2.49 Delectable apple & spice with no added sweeteners
Apricot-Pineapple 4 oz $2.49 2 natural sweets blended w/o added sweeteners
MUSTARD NAME size price description
Vidalia Onion Mustard 4 oz $2.79 Mild & oniony. Try it in dip or salad dressing
Green Peppercorn Mustard 4 oz $2.79 Tart & spicy. Great with sausage
VINEGAR NAME size price description
Garlic Chive Vinegar 5 oz $1.99 Good on anything!    Chef's Favorite
Hot Pepper Vinegar 5 oz $1.99 A must for cooked greens!
Red Raspberry Vinegar 5 oz $2.99 Has all that raspberry tang!

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